Cucumber – Farmacy Friday

Consumption of cucumber in the summer season is considered very beneficial for your health. One can keep themselves hydrated in summer by consuming cucumber as it contains 90 percent water. Consuming cucumber also provides coolness and lots of energy to the body. Earlier, it was believed that the plant originated in Africa, but recently, researchers […]

Pomegranate – Farmacy Friday

A fruit with many seeds, the pomegranate is the traditional representation of fertility and seems to have its origins everywhere. The pomegranate was cultivated in Egypt and it was found in the Indus valley so early that there is a word in Sanskrit for pomegranate that is “दाडिमः” Or Dadim. Just looking at the pearl-red […]

Catnip – Farmacy Friday

Catnip is probably most well-known for its behavioral effect on  approximately 60% of felines who smell its intoxicating aroma.  As it turns out, nepetalactone, the oil found in catnip plant leaves, mimics feline sex hormones.  It is no surprise, therefore, that “catnip induced” behaviors often include overt signs of affection, relaxation, playfulness, happiness, and sometimes […]

Cilantro – Farmacy Friday

Today’s late-winter Farmacy Friday herb is cilantro! This versatile herb is used in manydishes, from guacamole and salsa to curries, and noodle dishes. Once cilantroproduces seed, the flavor of the leaves intensifies. At this point, the seeds themselves(coriander) can be used as a spice for pickling, sausages, breads, and is asignatureingredient in “Garam Masala,” a […]

Peppermint – Farmacy Friday

Peppermint Tis’ the season for candy canes!  While “healthy” might be a stretch when it comes to these sugary treats, their main ingredient (peppermint) is beneficial in more ways than one!  While dentists don’t necessarily suggest candy canes for oral health due to their sugar content, the peppermint oil in these delicacies is antiseptic, which means it […]

Desert Broom – Farmacy Friday

Desert Broom Though considered a weed, desert broom (baccharis sarothroides), or Cascol caaco, was often used as a tonic by the Seri people; an indigenous group in the Mexican state of Sonora.  Seeping the twigs of the plant could produce a rich tea, and was routinely administered to treat colds and sinus headaches.  For general soreness and achy ailments, the […]

Jiaogulan – Farmacy Friday

Jiaogulan, a five-leaf, climbing vine of the cucumber/gourd family, is indigenous to China and other Asian nations, and literally means “twisting blue plant.”  Common names include five-leaf ginseng, poor man’s ginseng, miracle grass, fairy herb, sweet tea vine, gospel herb, and southern ginseng.  While the fruit is inedible, the herb is sold as a tea, powder, or […]