Desert Broom

Desert Broom Though considered a weed, desert broom (baccharis sarothroides), or Cascol caaco, was often used as a tonic by the Seri people; an indigenous group in the Mexican state of Sonora.  Seeping the twigs of the plant could produce a rich tea, and was routinely administered to treat colds and sinus headaches.  For general soreness and achy ailments, the […]

Limited-Edition Founding Membership Paver Stones Now Available

The Queen Creek Botanical Gardens is releasing 100 limited-edition Founding Membership Engraved Paver Stones prior to opening this Fall. These limited-quantity white limestone pavers will receive priority placement, located at the entrance plaza of the Mill House at the Gardens.   Engraved pavers are a perfect way to demonstrate commitment to the community now and for […]

Food Security, Tree Sales and COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to be a concern throughout our country, many of us have paused to reevaluate our shopping, food safety and availability – especially what we grow and consume at home. To help address some of these concerns – and help you on your journey to food security – we are now offering fruit trees for online purchase.