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Tis’ the season for candy canes!  While “healthy” might be a stretch when it comes to these sugary treats, their main ingredient (peppermint) is beneficial in more ways than one!  While dentists don’t necessarily suggest candy canes for oral health due to their sugar content, the peppermint oil in these delicacies is antiseptic, which means it can clean your teeth and gums.  In other words, if you want to cleanse your palate and freshen your breath while getting a sugar fix, eating a natural peppermint-flavored candy cane is a decent way to accomplish this!

Considered a cooling herb, peppermint is historically one of nature’s most-used medicinal and culinary delicacies.  A hybrid of winter mint and spearmint, its most popular applications include peppermint tea, peppermint oil, or the leaves themselves.  Drink peppermint tea to reduce a fever or calm an upset stomach/improve digestion.  Alternatively, use peppermint essential oil topically to sooth a mild headache or to regulate high body temperature.

Though not as invasive as some of its mint relatives, peppermint has a tendency to spread. Growing peppermint in containers or on the ground with wood or plastic edging can help mitigate this common issue. Whatever method you use, it is important to move the plants to a new location every three or four years because they tend to weaken and become “spindly” if left in the same place for too long. Of the two main cultivated varieties of this aromatic herb, black peppermint has a higher oil content, while white peppermint is lighter green and has a milder flavor.

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