Fishing Rules

  1. Admission is required prior to fishing for all participants. 
  2. Open Fishing during regular open hours only (SCHEDULE YOUR VISIT).
  3. Adult supervision is required for all age groups.
  4. All fishing rules of the Arizona Game and Fish Department will apply.
  5. Participants must use BARBLESS HOOKS ONLY (provided)
  6. Fishing permit is CATCH & RELEASE ONLY.
  7. Anglers are responsible for providing all necessary supplies to fish in the lake (fishing pole, fishing line, swivel, bait, etc.).
  8. Only one pole (per participant) in the water at a time.
  9. All anglers must fish from the grass shoreline. Do not get in the water. Waders or boats are not allowed. NO FISHING FROM BRIDGES
  10. For the balance of the QCBG ecosystem, only live and/or dead bait will be allowed. No casting of lures or artificial bait permitted.
    1. Our fish LOVE Hot dogs, worms, and cheese!
  11. Do not leave litter at the fishing site.
  12. If you catch a fish, TAKE A PICTURE! Tag us and hashtag #QC_Gardens (Also, a weigh station is available at the lake if you’d like to know more about your catch!)
  13. All barbless hooks that were loaned out MUST be returned to the front desk before participants leave.

Rules are subject to change. Please be kind and considerate of patrons and staff.